So Me So Hungry is now a year old. It all started with acting like I was a foodblogger on Facebook. Taking photos of food and posting them for my friends to see. Then I realized that I was doing the same amount of work as if I did a real food blog. I even remember telling some guy at a friend’s get-together that I wanted to start a food blog. He laughed and said “as if there isn’t enough food blogs out there.” I couldn’t believe some douche-bag that just met me could be such a fucking asshole. I wanted to punch him in the neck.

400 posts later, I’ve got to try new foods & restaurants and taste them with a new perspective -through life and blogging. It’s been a good documentation of what I’ve gone through this past year. A lot of times I can’t remember what the hell I did the night before until I look back at my photos or this blog. Am I drunk? I think I’m just busy.

Yesterday, July 30th was one-year to date of my first food post. It was an eventful birthday. Rob Bruce won the Animation Block Party Best Music Video for “The Dragon’s Claw” that he made for my band, Justice of the Unicorns. I had lunch from one of my favs, Taste Good. Happy hour with co-workers. Sold out World Premiere screening of Rik Cordero’s “Inside a Change,” featuring music by yours truly. Then went to Brooklyn to see my hero, Jarvis Cocker. And went back into the city for the movie after-party. It makes me very appreciative and grateful that I’m busy with good things in life. And appreciative of you guys for being with me and reading my stupid food blog. Thank you.

And it is Rob and Rik that reminded me that you can do anything if you have the drive and passion. You just need to be willing to say yes and take action. So if any little dick-weed tells you that you can’t do shit, you punch them in the neck.

Birthday Blog lunch from Taste Good.
01 Taste Good lunch with fish

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