Got a chance to try all five varieties of Quizno’s Toasty Bullet courtesy of their PR machine. It’s the 8″ version of their Torpedo for only $3 each. I planned on treating a few of my friends who were recently laid off to a free sandwich and perhaps get their opinion now that they’re on a budget. Well apparently they’re too busy hanging out on the beach getting shit-faced, while getting paid more than I do with severance plus unemployment, while I’m stuck in the office having to do extra work because everyone keeps getting laid off. I think they can pay for their own $3 sandwich.

So instead I treated two hard working friends to a tasting. Basically it’s Quizno’s quality in a smaller form factor for someone who doesn’t want a $5 footlong, but wants a big snack or small meal. Remember when normal-sized sandwiches used to be small? –maybe one or two thin slices of meat on sliced bread. Now we’ve gotten to a point where we expect to have a big ass sandwich or else it’s too small. Is that why everyone’s fat? BTW as I’m typing this, I’m watching the new fat reality dating show “More to Love” and there sure are a lot of food-based commercials like Chili’s 3 course dinners and “Julie and Julia” movie promos. Dang, I think I just heard the bachelor-guy do the fat guy breathing while handing out the roses or whatever.

My favorite thing about Quizno’s is the pepper bar with pepperchini, jalapenos, banana peppers and the redwine vinaigrette and horseradish sauces. Where Rob and Sam liked the sandwiches with less overpowering sauces, I liked to drown mine with peppers and horsey sauce. I suppose I could have eaten any variety and wouldn’t have known.

Thank you Quizno’s for treating my working friends to lunch. And thank you for cutting down portions and trying to make more Jareds. Anyone notice Jared is fat again or still kinda fat? Well different restaurant anyway.
01 Quiznos Toasty Bullets02 Rob and Sam posing with Bullets03 Quiznos Turkey Pesto Quiznos Toasty Bullet

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  1. Syd

    I love Quizno’s. Have you tried the steak sauce that’s on the Roadhouse sammie? Shit will light you up. It’s awesome.

  2. chinolam

    @Syd… I am curious about the sammie. Only $2? I didn’t even know they had steak sauce. I’ll try it soon.


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