On my quest to finally try pig ear, I walked down Ave of Puerto Rico (Graham Ave) with Bonnie. We found this small bustling counter serving fried things in the window along with other Latin dishes like roast pork, chicken, rice & beans. On the menu, there was oreja (pig ear), lengua (pork tongue), cuajo (pork stomach) all for a $1 each! After a bit of confusion ordering from the guy, he finally figured I really wanted an ear after I wiggled my lobe. He giggled. It was under the “Chuchifritos” menu, so I assumed it would be fried. Instead he pulled out what looked like a boiled ear and chopped it up on the counter, put it in a cup and added some sauce from one of the stews. Wow it is basically cartilage and thick rubbery ear skin. I almost spit it out. Instead, I tried one more bite before I threw it out. I do want to go back and try the tongue. Only $1. A real bargain!

La Isla Cuchifritos – 6 Graham Ave (btw Broadway & Debevoise St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

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    • admin

      @Fireyram… didn’t seem fried to me. It had all the rubbery skin goodness of a floppy pig ear.

  1. Nelson Martinez

    I am dying to go to this Cuchifritos!! I’m now in Iraq and everything I eat is giving me the runs. I’m even running to the bathroom as I speak!! This is one of my first stops to Brooklyn, my old neighborhood!! Way back!!

    • chinolam

      I assume you are in military service there? Thank you and respect. I’d be interested in hearing what kinds of food you guys eat.


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