Headed out to the free Black Moth Super Rainbow show at the South Street Seaport. These shows are pretty awesome. I had the privilege to play one with my band opening for Ted Leo and Pharmacists a few years back. I guess it was the Ted Leo one that didn’t rain or the power didn’t go out in all of the Northeast. Black Moth was pretty cool. They had a guy with a Michael Myers mask and a gorilla costume lip-syncing the songs.

I’m going to leave you with a great secret. Go to the food court on the third floor of the mall. There you’ll find huge 32oz cups of Buds for around $4-5. The cheapest was at the Simply Seafood counter at $4.16. I don’t know how they come up with that price. Anyway, being in a paper cup, you can take it back down to the show and party. I also got a small crab soup for $1.99 there. It was alright. Tasted like Campbell’s vegetable soup with some crab meat in it. The rest of the food court is weird. 80% of it is all the same –Pick a couple of Chinese fast food items for $6.99. No matter that it’s called Cajun, Japanese, BBQ, Mexican wraps –they’re all the same with lo-mein, General Tso’s chicken, and free samples of the same Asian BBQ grilled chicken at every counter.

I ran across the Steamy Corn cart which I saw on Grubstreet recently. It was interesting. A cup of corn with seasonings making it similar to Mexican corn on the cob. I can’t tell if this is pricey at $3.50 for a small, but it was pretty tasty and much healthier than almost anything I can think of at a food cart. One of the guys looked like Lou Diamond Phillips.

After the show, I ran over to the new Littlefield venue in Park Slope to see my friends in Ape School and my favorite French Canadian band, Malajube. This show rocked my sock off. The venue is pretty. I got a slice at Tomato N Basil around the corner. I hate when the pizzas looks old and cold. I think that’s one thing to get used to when moving to NY. I’ve always been used to the fresh hot whole pizzas to order at Papa John’s. Not the old single slices sitting around. Well after my eggplant slice came out of the oven reheated, it didn’t look a whole lot better, but it did the job and was tasty enough. I’m just curious about the ash on my ricotta cheese. I guess the bottom of the crust usually has that shit on it anyway.

South Street Seaport Music Festival
Tomato N Basil – 227 4th Ave (btw President & Union St) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Malajube || Montréal -40° from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

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  1. David

    Cool I was at that Ted Leo concert a few years back, I’ve must’ve seen you play and stumbled onto your blog that’s so random!


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