I was curious about the pork ear (oreja) tacos at New Mexico Place down on Ave of Puerto Rico in Bushwick. I ordered one with a ground beef gordita. They gave us complimentary freshly fried chips and salsa. I ordered a side of guac for it – $3. Good call. They have Mexican Coke, which was sweeter and a little tastier than regular Coca-cola. I wonder how they get them. Seems like a lot more work to have these bottles shipped.

I was excited to try the pork ear taco. I didn’t know what to expect. However I ended up thinking it tasted like a regular meat, no big deal. Rusty then got nervous because he ordered the beef steak taco and it had crunchy bits, worrying he ate mine. Now looking at the bill, I didn’t get pork ear taco but just a regular pork (carnitas) taco. A little of a let down, but still a great cheap place for tacos, awesome gordita, free chips and Mexican Cock? (…see bill below)

New Mexico Place Restaurant – # 189 Graham Ave (btw Meserole & Scholes St) Brooklyn 11206

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  1. Tio Wally

    Jason: The reason the Mexican Coke (Coca Mexicana) seemed sweeter is because it’s made with real sugar; in the US it’s made with corn sweetener. It could accurately be called Original Recipe Coke.

    Can’t believe you got a Mexican “cock” for $2. Cheapest I’ve seen in CA restaurants is $2.50/bottle.

  2. Tio Wally

    Curious: The bill totals $21.75 yet they only charged you … $24!


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