I had the pleasure of going to the Young and Hungry launch party. I was really impressed with all the sponsors, food and drinks they were able to get together. No-nonsense. I believe I counted twelve, including some of the trendy blog worthy spots like Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, The Cupcake Stop and homemade beer from the 1st place winner of the recent Brooklyn Beer Experiment. I ran into my friend’s boiled peanuts. I didn’t even know she did food stuff. JoeDoe was serving this awesome scallop hors d’oeuvre. I was unaware of all the blog controversy surrounding him. That was probably good because I was snapping photos all over the place of him and his scallops, only because I thought it was really pretty and tasty. I wonder how close I was to getting my ass beaten. I kid. For real. All apologies, Joe.

The Young and Hungry guys were really nice. Had a fun time. Got full and pretty drunk –made me feel like an old fart and stuffed. Thank you!

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      @yosh… I think it’s hard to find even plain boiled peanuts in NYC. Even if you wanted to make them, you’d need green/raw peanuts.


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