My friend Phil gave me a super easy pork shoulder recipe a while back. And there was a half pork shoulder at C-town for $4. Awesome!

Pernil Pork Shoulder recipe:
1. wash the pork shoulder and score it with a knife with good deep cuts
2. pour white vinegar over it and get it nice and wet
3. pat down a lot of Adobe seasoning (optional: salt and stick garlic cloves in the scores)
4. put it in the oven at 450 degress for about an hour. then turn down to 350 for another 3-4 hours. Get a meat thermometer to check. (I did a full pork shoulder about a year ago. I feel like it took just a little longer in the oven.)

The pork came out so tender and tasty. I did have to salt it after it was on my plate, accompanied by some nice creamy salsa verda sauce (almost like Peruvian Aji sauce) that I also found at C-town.
01 Pernil Pork Shoulder

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  1. JO

    woah, that sounds so easy. If I can do this myself, it might be doomsday for my cholesterol. eh, who cares