Last week my friend Matt sent me an email with a Power Point attachment which I wasn’t sure if it was a virus. But it was for real and told a story of the awesome Waldgeist restaurant in Germany with big ass Schnitzel, big ass sausages and big ass burgers. Here’s a non-Power Point presentation of the slideshow (sans festive German music)

And a Youtube video…

And lately, I’ve been getting a few PR emails. One of them looks pretty neat. Banh Mi Tasting. Foodbloggers from Serious Eats and Food Party’s Thu Tran will be there. Also photographer Bao Nguyen. I think he shot my band in concert once. This HAY QUAY! event is this Saturday June 27th at the Bitter End. Unfortunately, I plan on being hungover that day.

And my friend Antonia is getting me into this Adventures in the Global Kitchen: Beer @ American Museum of Natural History. July 14th. Fun!

I’ve also been getting emails about Domino’s new pizzas, but I think I’ll wait until they put those in a bread bowl.

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