Tried this hole in the wall for a fried pork chop over rice with some cabbage, pickled greens and brown pork sauce combination. $4.50 and hard boiled egg is 45cents. I was trying to decide if the trip was worth saving a dollar from the fried chicken at NYC Cravings Truck. Maybe if you’re on your way to buy a bubble blowing gun. As I’m writing this, I found a better post and pics than I could make about this place. So…

Wah Mei Pork Chop Fast Food – 190 Hester St (btw Baxter & Mulberry St) New York 1001301 Wah Mei Pork Chop Fast Food menu02 Wah Mei Pork Chop over rice

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  1. Elissa

    That looks delicious! Thanks for a new place for me to go get lunch while at work!


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