A rotisserie chicken and comfort food restaurant next to the projects and between the two crack stores down the street from me. But with an awesome painted mural like this, I’m willing and ready. I think the best deal is the half chicken with rice and beans for $6.50. They ran out of rice and beans and offered me mac n cheese instead, from which I think the owner said “because I just got divorced.” But that doesn’t make any sense. Well I rather have the mac n cheese anyway, so score. The chicken was nice and seasoned. I could taste a hint of lemon.

Good Feathers – 251 Jackson St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 (CLOSED)
…now Mom’s Kitchen Too
01 Good Feathers Restaurant02 half chicken and mac n cheese

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  1. Joshua

    Haha I live across the street from this place. So right about the two crack stores on the corner!


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