Hot off the fish sandwich from SeaWorld restaurant in Tribeca, I headed to New Sea World in Murray Hill. They have Broasted chicken. What is Broasted chicken? It’s pressure cooked deep fried chicken. Looks and taste like fried chicken, but the meat isn’t so greasy. Is it worth a trip to try it? I think it tastes like fried chicken. But after reading this Washington Post article about Broasted chicken, you will want to go to there. It’s a rare find. Very fortunate that SeaWorld has it. Two pieces and potatoes $3.50. The Broasted potatoes taste like KFC potato wedges with a lot less flavor. At least they have fancy sauce to dip.

New Sea World Restaurant (CLOSED) – 32 Lexington Ave (btw 23rd & 24th St) New York 1001001-new-sea-world-restaurant02-broasted-chicken-and-potatoes

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  1. bionicgrrrl

    Broasted is my new favorite word, but I wish it had something to do with bros getting toasted (e.g., we got broasted last night!).


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