Yoshie, Rob and I went out to try some Indian in Jackson Heights. We didn’t really know where we wanted to go. So we got off at the Roosevelt stop and walked around until we found a buffet that looked good. Unfortunately, many of the places don’t do weekday dinner buffets. The only one we saw was Indian Taj which was recommended by the yelpers, chowhounds, etc. So cool. $10 buffet. Nice selection. That chili chicken is pretty good. Nothing too spicy. Can I just not tell anymore after years of the habanero sauce?

Then we went to Patel Bros. grocery store where I got as many packs of the 99cent curries that I could carry. My next four meals consisted of the curries. Was wonderful and scary.

Indian Taj – 3723 74th St Jackson Heights Queens, NY 11372
Ramen and Friends – cross post (after reading this, I forgot. Columbian Hooters next time!)

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  1. http://www.ionicbathfootdetox.com/

    odpadlo by aj psychicke utrpenie ucitelov :))bohuzial statnemu aparatu vrcholne vyhovuje vysledny produkt skol – otupeni nezamestnatelni zamestnanci, ktori su nauceny nevybocovat z radu, nic neskusat (ved co ak spravia nieco zle) a drzat hubu a krok

  2. http://www.ivycastellanos.com/

    City of my mother..growing up she would regularly tell us…"Aberdeen, that's where I was born" we believed her….we were in Belfast!It was always more beautiful than Belfast …I was told….I could only believe!


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