Walked by this place on a previous Chinatown adventure. I was really curious. You would think it would almost be packed by hip kids because of the funny name, Strange Taste Cuisine. We had a hard time communicating when ordering. I would even point at the menu to the Chinese and English writing and number. Eventually a customer helped me order. I think he basically did the same thing but with more authority. Good luck trying to call your order in in English. I got the Dan Dan Noodles $4. It was huge. A big bowl of noodles with minced meat and peanut sauce. Sam got the sparerib noodle soup. And we both got a roast pork bun which was huge at $1. Not exactly strange tasting, but it was different from what I’m used to –from the noodles to the bun filling. I still enjoyed it and the people were really nice. The lady came over to see if I wanted a plop of chili sauce on my Dan Dan. Of course! I felt like she was my aunt. Here’s a good discussion on Strange Taste if you’re interested.

Then we went to the supermarket under the Manhattan Bridge so Sam can pick up some items and buy me a Cici jelly drink. It tasted like an otter pop with bits of jello in it. They have some cool stuff in there. I got shut down by an employee when taking a photo of the Romantic Vacations box of cookies. Something to take on your honeymoon at Niagara Falls?

Strange Taste Cuisine – 20 Henry St (btw Catherine & Market St) New York, NY 10002
New York Supermarket – 75 E Broadway New York, NY 10002 (more like on Henry and Manhattan Bridge)

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    who is the person on the drink?
    I can’t figure it out. HELP!!!


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