I was able to find out who’s camera we found in the backyard grill belonged to. This is after I was thinking the Secret and the Universe was trying to manifest cameras for me …more like stealing for me. And after I claimed I didn’t believe in Karma. Moments after I contacted my neighbor about her camera, my friend Todd asks me if I want to go to this MOMA Garden Party with a performance from Estelle. He won tix for being on the PopRally mailing list. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been obsessed with her “American Boy” song for the past couple of weeks, which I never heard before. It’s been my main karaoke song down in my basement. It was like the Secret and Karma was rewarding me big time.

I had a quick bite of ramen at Men Kui Tei beforehand. The ramen was alright. I was tempted to go to Benihana. Next time, big boy.

The MOMA Garden Party rocked. The outdoor area was huge and packed. Cocktail attire. I wore my dress shoes. I’ve learned my lesson. I saw Ashford and Simpson and ran into Ashley and Megan. We danced it up. We drank it up. Estelle rocked it up.

Then the girls took me to Remedy Diner in the Lower East Side. I really don’t remember how we got there. I had a few bites of my nachos. I didn’t even remember getting nachos until I saw the pics today. I’m surprised I was able to hang my jacket up when I got home.

Thank you Todd, MOMA, PopRally, Estelle, Karma and The Secret!

Update: And thanks to Zach from Midtownlunch for watching my back. I went to Men Kui Tei and not Menchanko Tei. It’s confusing with all the drinking and the awning that says something totally different.

Men Kui Tei – 60 W 56th St (btw 5th & 6th Ave) New York 10019
Remedy Diner – 245 E Houston St New York, NY 10079

American Boy [Feat. Kanye West] – Estelle

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