Met up with friends at Teddy’s for brunch. I really like their Mounds of Punjabi breakfast. It’s like Eggs Benedict with Indian saag spinach for Hollandaise sauce. Next time I’m going to try the French Toast ham and steak sandwich! That sounds heavy duty. Abel let me use his Nikon D40 camera. Pretty cool. I want a DSLR now, especially since my camera is half busted from karaoke mishaps.

We went to McCarren Park to throw the football around and to compare club soda vs seltzer water. The taste difference, I can’t really tell.

Later Ryan calls me up from the airport to ask if I can pick up his camera he left in a car service. When going to get it, I almost get hit by a bicyclist while walking my bike across the street. I had the walk sign. It’s funny –when you’re on your bike, drivers are assholes. When you’re driving, pedestrians are assholes. When you’re walking, bikers are assholes. We’re all assholes.

Back to my apt for a grill out of dogs and spareribs. Jody mentions how Todd left his camera at his apt during last night’s bbq. Then Rusty finds a pretty nice camera (Canon G10) in a grill in the backyard. I was psyched. The Secret works! Think about cameras and they will manifest. But Russ is right. We should find out who it belongs to. All the lost cameras floating around this Memorial day, I’m sure they would be psyched to have them back. Integrity is more important than the Secret. Plus Russ believes in Karma. He gave the cab driver an extra big tip the night before to which I said “I don’t believe in Karma.” Although I hope Karma gives me back my football I accidentally tossed into the neighbors yard.

Teddy’s Bar & Grill – 96 Berry St (@ N 8th St) Brooklyn 11211

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