Check another one off the dreamboard. A PR firm asked if I wanted to try out a Lincoln MKZ for a few days …I guess to food blog. I don’t drive so I had my friend Jody sign it out to chauffeur me around this Memorial Weekend. This is one the nicest cars I’ve been in, honestly …not really trying to shill. It has a GPS on the dashboard with Sync by Microsoft. I would yell, “Car, play Lincoln Park!” but it didn’t work. I think I need to configure it first or hook up my Zune at least. Jody posted his day one experience here on his Flannel Blog. There’s a lot of cool pics of me and the car.

Being responsible, we left the car at home and went out for the night of partying. Tacos at Yola’s Cafe. Then the Garden Party hosted by our friends, This Frontier Needs Heroes. Bands, drinks, dance party. It’s every Friday for the next month or so. We (Justice of the Unicorns) are playing the last show.

At the end of the evening, a few of us went for grilled cheese at Kellogg’s Diner. I was hesitant because of the last time I went there right after they renovated it, where the prices were crazy with their fancy lobster tails. Well, I’m glad to say they have a whole new menu with the prices being more fair to the diner of old. Instead of $12 hamburgers, you get it for $6. My Chicken Noodle was only $3. Don’t worry, they still have fresh lobster tails if you’re trying to woo your late night drunk date.

So it’s back to drunk scummy kids at Kellogg’s once again. The only thing weird was the manager got peeved when I was asking to break change for two $20’s. “You’re taking all my change!” Then he calmed down and remembered that most of it is coming back when we pay for our bill. Kiernan tried to break change for his dollar.

Yola’s Cafe – 524 Metropolitan Ave (btw Lorimer St & Union Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11211
This Frontier Needs Heroes Garden party – at Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery 38 Marcy Ave, Bklyn, NY 11211
Kellogg’s Diner – 514 Metropolitan Ave (@ Union) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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