Carolyn invited me to her Young Lions’ Eating at Home at the NY Public Library –a conversation with Rocco DiSpirito, Amanda Hesser, Marion Nestle, and Julie Powell about the “politics and the pleasures of eating at home.” I was taking a picture of the bread sticks and I hear behind me a lady saying, “you want help with your blog?” I turned around and I wasn’t sure if she was talking to someone else or making fun of me. The forum was pretty entertaining. I had a couple of breakthroughs through the words of Rocco. One of them is how I really do appreciate when people make me food. It’s a very special thing you can do to someone. It’s something I want to start dishing out myself. I forget the other breakthrough, but Rocco is a much cooler person than I thought he would be. Man crush?

I did get pretty hungry since it was a food forum. I was hoping for something to eat, but they only had fancy Artisanal cheeses. Us stragglers were tearing it up when everyone left. Then Rob and I tried to go Ghostbuster hunting in the library, but we got turned away by the guards at every corner. We only found ourselves in the Men’s room.

More gooey cheese at Bravo Pizza. I think what makes their pizzas look so appetizing is the red lighting. Makes the sauces redder. It’s like back in Gainesville at Tony and Pat’s with their red heat lamp buffet. I can’t tell the difference between the white and regular slices.

Then as we were heading back to Brooklyn at Grand Central, the gang showed me a hidden fancy pants bar in the station, The Campbell Apartment. You had to go out to go in. The lady stopped me from coming in because I had sneakers. Carolyn had an extra pair of high heels and they were surprisingly cool with that. So I literally walked in struggling wearing high heels as we passed men in tuxedos and bowties sipping their cocktails. I wondered where all these people in tuxedos came from …an orchestra? I do now admire women and their high heels.

Young Lions – a nice place to meet cute rich girls …and guys, but Rocco’s taken dudes
Bravo Pizza6 E 42nd St (btw 5th & Madison) New York, NY 10017
The Campbell Apartment – 15 Vanderbilt Ave (btw 42nd & 43rd St) New York, NY 10017

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