I got invited to the Food2 Launch party at the Food Network Kitchens in Chelsea Market. Wow so fancy. I thought there would be 5 people and a pizza. It was packed, cocktails, mini arepas, mutton sliders and whoopie pies! I met a lot of food bloggers. I really haven’t met many in real life before. It really hit me that there are so many perspectives on life and food. It’s not all karaoke and Chinese buns. I ran into my friend Ben who made a superhero outfit that I bought for close to $700 at an art auction when I was really drunk. I think that’s why they give you the free cocktails at those things. It was surprising to see him there, but then I remembered that he’s Mr. Chowder (aka Mr. Bobby Flay Throwdown, Mr. Martha Stewart). And he was surprised to see me too, but I didn’t have an excuse.

Just recently I’ve been getting invites to food blog related events like today’s Hot Dog Hootenanny. It’s awesome and weird. It’s like once I was so grateful to being invited, the floodgates opened and got more invites. Now the concept of the Attitude of Gratitude is new to me. Basically think about how when you do something for someone and they are genuinely grateful, you end up doing/giving more because you love that feeling of appreciation. Somehow it’s supposed to work the same way with the Universe. I don’t claim to know how it works. I’m no quantum physicist or new age hippy. It just works. Fuck it. I love it. I love it. I love it. (Molly Shannon style). I even just got offered a choice of Ford cars to use for food blogging for a few days. I’m considering it. I suppose there is a market demographic of karaoke food bloggin drivers and I’m the one to blog it.

It was really exciting going to this Food2 party. I had a great time. Thank you Victor Lu and Food2!
…now about that TV show that’s on my dreamboard.

This is me in the Superhero Artman suit that Ben made.

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  1. Victor

    Hey Jason, thanks so much for the shout out! I’m glad you had a great time, that costume is sick!


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