Sanur Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant has a downstairs made to order and an upstairs pick 3 items over rice for $3.50. I went with the latter and it was creamy mild curry deliciousness. I took it to Columbus Park where there was a lot of action. Soccer, Chinese Chess and Chinese opera singing.

Then I walked around exploring the edges of Chinatown I’m not familiar with. Saw some interesting signs, checked out grocery stores and eventually got a back rub. I’ve now decided I don’t like massages. It hurts and tickles at the same time. I was hoping for a light rub or back scratch like for a cat. She was surprised how red my back was and said it was because I was tense and stressed, but I think it’s because she kneaded hard into my back for 30mins. I was on edge from the beginning if it was one of those sketchy happy ending places. At the end she asked me, “Where do you want to go now?” I didn’t understand. I said “my friend’s house in Greenpoint”. I was worried what I said could have been code for something. I really hope it was just her bad English.

The real happy ending was cooling off with a refreshing coconut juice they sell at the Canal street fruit stands for $1.50.

Sanur Restaurant – 18 Doyers St (@ Chatham Square) New York 10013

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