“What’s this Ziggiz here?”
“Looks nice and clean”
“Where is everyone?”
“Is that why the manager looks bored?”
“I’ll have the Philly Cheesesteak”
“Ooh, nice day in the park to eat this”
“Oh, my friends!”
“Yo, Where’d the Cheese Go?”
“Oh, it’s upside down …or backwards.”
“Yo, I thought there was always flavor in grease?”
“Let me squirt mayonnaise all over it”
“Now this is solid greasiness”
“Jimmy, you want some of this?”
“You know what, just take a little. I’ll eat the rest.”
“Why does everyone have cankles?”

Ziggiz (CLOSED) – 333 3rd Ave (@ 25th St) New York 10010

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Jason Lam

Food blogger since 2008. Hair model since 2003.

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