I used a Chinese steam bun to make myself an Egga Mega Muffin. It worked!

If you were wondering, I’ve been getting my steam buns from Double Crispy in Chinatown. Eight big plain buns in a bag for $2.50
Double Crispy Bakery – 230 Grand St New York, NY 10013


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  1. Melinda A.

    Hi! 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that your blog ROCKS MY SOCKS!! I sit at work and scroll through your older posts, they make me sooo hungry! Also, I really like the unique food you have on here…it totally makes me wanna try something new! Keep blogging! 🙂 🙂

  2. Lauren B

    Haha I don’t eat starch but WOW, these are a-frick-dorable. Just had to peek (came over from Tastespotting). The bun looks so fluffy!

  3. hungry dog

    I love this idea, which says a lot, because I don’t like eggs very much. But I DO love baos and the idea of branching out from char siu or using them with peking duck is great. Good photo too!

    • admin

      Thanks Sharon. It just hit me why Quiznos calls those small things “Sammys”. Dang

  4. tacorific

    I was eavesdropping on some guy who said he was the owner of a new sandwich restaurant in midtown that would serve Chinese bao sandwiches….that wasn’t you was it?


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