Yoshie and Ramen & Friends hosts brunch at Philip Marie’s in the West Village. There’s a $16.99 brunch special with unlimited bloody marys. I got the crab cake benedict. Delish even though I’m allergic to shellfish. I pounded down three drinks. Definitely got my money’s worth.

There were a lot of cute girls walkin about in the West Village. I was all thugged out listening to Dre, Snoop and other 90’s MTV pop/gansta rap. I see a cute girl walk by and I give her a nod in my gangsta style. And they laugh.

Philip Marie – 569 Hudson St (@ W 11th St) New York 10014

My hipsta rap karaoke of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”

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  1. Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

    How brave of you to post a karaoke video of yourself! I myself choose to karaoke in the privacy of my own home. Sorry you missed the Bacon Takedown, I couldn’t make it either so I made myself a BLT.

  2. admin

    @Phyllis …oh dang, I’ve been thinking about BLT’s lately. I think sandwiches are the new black. or the new old new black.


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