Bonnie took me to this underground Bushwick supper club. This was one of the most fanciest meals I’ve had in a long time. Everything including the butter was homemade (except the cheese). This is the second Bushwick apt/loft I’ve been to that has opened up their home for supper. Scandalous and delicious …Scandelicious.

Celery purée soup
Cold plate – Cajun pork pate on crostini, carrot pate on wheat crostini with cheese shavings, mushroom pate on house cracker, chicken liver mousse on house cracker, pickled beet, pickled radish
Hot plate Рasparagus and goat cheese souffl̩
Palate cleanser Рpeach and chive pur̩e on cucumber
Entr̩e Рbutter and shallot braised ribeye with mustard gravy on a parsnip pur̩e, mushrooms bernaise
Salad – endive salad with fennel shavings, walnuts, temme de pomme goat cheese, house dressing
Dessert – lemon chiffon cake with tarragon ice cream

Homunculus Brooklyn Eat Easy – click on the last pic for contact info

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