Ramen noodles with puppy heads. Leftover from Kawaii night.01-ramen-with-puppy-heads

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  1. admin

    I think they are made out of the same stuff fish balls are made of. I’m going to ask my Japanese friend to read the packaging.

  2. gaga

    haha, how adorable! and yes, I agree that they’re probably fish cakes (japanese tempura fish cakes).

    • admin

      Wow, you know I’ve never tried RSS feeds before. I did a test in with Google Reader and Google’s Custom RSS. The former you add “https://www.mightysweet.com/mesohungry” and the latter you add “https://www.mightysweet.com/mesohungry/?feed=rss2”. So I guess it might just depend on the RSS reader you’re using. Hope that helps.


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