Christa and Jody invited me to the Umami brunch party of the Bushwick Department of Public Works. I thought it was a real govt dept the whole time. But just a fun dinner party at a big Bushwick loft filled with people from the art community. I can’t imagine opening up my bedroom to the public, but maybe I can now. $15 online tix included a 4-course brunch and a few cocktails. I was so stuffed after the first –croissant with a bunch of sauces and spreads.  I had a cute awkward moment with a girl that was putting french toast in the oven while I was trying to take pictures. I saw her later kinda hanging near me so I started talking to her. After she left and I saw another girl walk by, I realized it was the wrong person.

…so I guess I learned that you don’t need an awkward moment to start to talking to someone?

Anyway, I don’t know how you get on their mailing list, but I just googled “Umami Bushwick” and found this. I guess there were other food bloggers there.

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