Dance party with Anthony because it’s Tuesday. He made me some pretty tasty noodles with garlic, olive oil, zucchini, and parmesan cheese. Dang pretty good for noodles without spaghetti sauce. We went to a dance party at APT in the Meat Packing District where his friend was DJing. I think it has to do with this Ladies Lotto. They gave me a bunch of stickers. We knew it was a pre-Valentine themed party, but we really didn’t know until we got there. All of sudden where I was confident with my swagger, I started to become nervous with all the pressure. You see I don’t know if I can handle girls who expect to be picked up. I usually like to trick and manipulate them into liking me with my hair. …I almost felt like I had to do a song and dance. It would’ve been Kenny Rogers’ “Lady”.

They had vegan cookies, so all the conversations with girls were about how sugar can be vegan. You guys can take that pickup line. I’m done with it.

On the way home, I just missed the L train. It was going to be another 23 mins until the next one. I decided to go back up and get some sweet vanilla body wash and a 7-layer burrito. I ran into my third floor neighbor Margaret. Coincidentally I ran into another friend Margaret on the way there.  Anyway on the trip back, I was trying to figure out why I got Taco Bell. She said “Of course. You do it for sport.” I can’t believe how well she knows me.

APT – 419 W 13th St. New York, NY 10014 …I did have a good time.
Don’t forget our Bloody Valentine B-day Food Party this Friday Night!

…..I’m seriously obsessed with this song since I saw it on the Time Life infomercial a few days ago.

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