Monday night was a crazy fun. First stopped in for happy hour at Cake shop then went to Adam Lowitt’s comedy night at Pianos. UF represent. Ran into my friend Alex Castle. He makes some funny videos on his site. He suggested getting what he was having …the Red Wine Burger and request some red wine sauce on the fries. That sauce is awesome. So good.

Demetri Martin performed at Adam’s show. This guy’s is going to be huge. He’s going to star in a new Ang Lee movie (I don’t know much about it, but sounds like Brokeback 2) and his new TV series premieres tonight on Comedy Central. A little known fact: I had a bit part on his TV show he made for the BBC years back. I didn’t even know my character had a name until I saw it on IMDB. But they have my name mixed up with another Jason Lam who played Chinese Man #7.

Christa and Jody were still hungry so we went to San Loco. I got the Pork PeePee. It’s spelled Pork Pipian, but I swear it’s pronounced Pork PeePee. At least they understand what I’m talking about every time I say it. I made sure we had stupid sauce.

Then back in the burg for Sam Jayne’s new Monday night Karaoke at Legion. That was a lot of fun. I sang Highway Star with Sam. When I got home, I noticed all this lint on my clothes. I figured it was from the bar. It made me reluctant to go again, but then I realized that no one is making me roll around on the floor.

Pianos – 158 Ludlow St (@ Stanton) NYC 10002
San Loco – 111 Stanton St (Btw Essex & Ludlow St) New York 10002
Legion – 790 Metropolitan Ave (@ Humboldt St) Brooklyn, NY 11211
Demetri Martin’s “Important Things” on Comedy Central – featuring music from friends Elegant Too

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