Bringing back the annual tradition of going to dim sum during the Chinese New Year Parade. This year was big. Three tables big. It was awesome seeing my friends hanging in the playground waiting for me. Rob tasted pig’s feet. Ike the baby tasted jelly fish. I tasted pig’s blood. I thought it tasted like tofu …pig’s blood flavored tofu. Everyone had a fun time. It was only about $13 each after tip and that included beers.

Most of us missed the parade, but a few saw old Chinese ladies waving on a float. Then some of us went for a beer at Good World. Christa got bit by a cat. Sam bought some steamed pork buns. Jody bought some whipper snapper poppers.  My first year I had a dim sum gathering back in 2003, we were throwing those things around. Lil china kids were throwing them at our feet, perhaps to get us to do a jig. And one of us threw one and it landed in the back of an old chinese lady’s hair. It didn’t go off. It was scary and we didn’t know how to disarm. Our own little 24.

East Market Restaurant – 75 E Broadway, NYC 10002
… this is my secret I’m giving to you. It’s so hidden and hard to find that it’s easy to get a table on Chinese New Year. Most of my friends couldn’t even find it. Good dim sum, cheap, and right next to the parade.
Good World – 3 Orchard Street (btw Canal & Division) New York, NY 10002
…closing soon. Re-live your party nights while you can.

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  1. ES

    Thanks for publishing this! Your photos have convinced me to go here next time for dim sum.

  2. Cynthia

    Found you on Foodgawker… those lotus blossom desserts look almost too pretty to east! I hope they tasted just as good.


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