Everyone was asleep and the buzzer rang. I thought I was dreaming it. I looked over and saw that it looked a little wet on the floor. Figured I spilled something. I touched it and it splattered. Then got up and I was standing in a puddle. At the door were four fighters come to save the day. The construction building next door flooded their whole basement and it seeped into our building. Our neighbors closer to the building got a foot and a half and we got a couple of inches. A lot of stuff got ruined and all the guitars got wet. Fortunately we had a house full of guests and Beth from the third floor and her boyfriend helped me move my stuff. I’m so grateful for my friends.

While we were all standing in the water moving things, Danny realized that there was a lot of stuff plugged in and we risked electrocution. That was pretty scary, but he successfully pulled out all the cords from the outlets. I was hoping that no one would find anything embarrassing in my room. At that moment, I saw a NYC condom (in its subway wrapper) floating around in the water. Everyone later admitted to seeing it.

Rusty made pizza while we watched the fire fighters pump out water from the building next door. I put Danny’s pineapples on it to make Hawaiian pizza – kinda fitting since my bed is like an island …LānaÊ»i (The Pineapple Isle).

I needed to get out of the house to get a bloody mary. We drove to this cool looking brunch place in Greenpoint advertising $3 bloody marys, bellinis and screwdrivers. Awesome! I’ll have 3.

Thinking how this could of happen since I now know the Secret, I remembered last week I was just thinking how cool it would be to clear out the junk and make my basement bedroom a palace. I sure have the space. So perhaps the universe is giving me a good kick in the butt. Now I do have to throw my stuff out. So I’m going to make this work. Maybe I’ll finally open that suitcase I haven’t opened since I moved to New York 6 years ago. Or maybe just throw it away. I’m not sure I want to find out what’s inside.

Lokal – 905 Lorimer St (btw Bedford & Driggs Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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