“Pio Pio” is how Peruvians think a chicken clucks. Like how Spanish people think dogs go “guau guau”. Oh I think they speak the same language. Anyway Jody and Christa take me to this cool Peruvian place in Greenpoint. A nice big plate of 1/4 chicken with beans and rice for $5.25. They have pretty cute waitress that are funny and dance and fight over the mp3 player playing classic 90’s oldies like the Cure and that song “How Bizarre How Bizarre”. I hear they also have a cool spanish band playing on Saturdays. Most importantly they have green sauce.

I got a huge appetizer plate that’s like a sampler of sorts (i.e. poo poo platter). It had this delicious potato with spicy cheesy sauce and the thing I really wanted to try –beef hearts. Call me Captain Beefheart. It tasted like beef teriyaki for real. I had beef heart leftovers that I brought to work. And when I was putting it on a plate to reheat, this cute voice actress came up and thought it looked really good. She wanted to know more. But I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

Pio Pio Riko – 996 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn 11222

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