I got off at the East Broadway stop for lunch on this Christmas Eve and came out of the exit where I always get lost.  I decided to stick with it and see what I can discover. After a little walk, I saw a window with peking duck, roast pork & chicken. Just what I had in mind. I got a generous plate of roast duck & pork on rice for only 5 dolla. Pretty awesome. That’s like the price of a VCD/DVD bootleg.

I saw them prepare some of the dishes behind the counter. It reminded me the time when I was little chinolam hanging out in my father’s kitchen at Lam’s Garden. I would throw peas from the peapods into the deep fryer. They slowly sink, then pop right up and spin around like a speedboat.

J.M. Family Noodle Restaurant – 19 Henry St (Btw Catherine & Market St) New York 10002

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  1. Jenny Lam

    $5 is a great price for a BBQ lunchbox. It’s around $8 for a plate like that here in Seattle. As for the Lam’s Garden restaurant fryer… I have many of my own stories of deep frying all kinds of stuff including bean sprouts, rice balls, noodles, etc…

  2. admin

    I always wondered if you deep fried noodles, does it turn into that fried noodle stuff they give complimentary to snack on?


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