I came home from a long day of work with a generous bottle of Proseco that Michele from work gave me. I had a nice bowl of Chimichurri rice, meatballs, baby bak choy & green onions.

I didn’t know I was going to foodblog until I opened the bottle of sparkling wine and realized I now have to drink the whole thing. So now foodblog time with the new Ryan Seacrest series, “Mama’s Boys”.

This reminded me of the time I had auditioned for some VH1 dating show. I didn’t make it, but some girl recognized me at a restaurant while I was on a date. She said they used me for promos. I was a little embarrassed because the show was called “Can’t Get a Date” or something and I was on a date with a really cute girl. So it was like I was caught red handed.


There’s a commercial for some gastric staple holder. It’s really gross. Doesn’t anyone read my foodblog? Just Google Paul McKenna. It works. I lost 25lbs in 2 weeks.

Man, this is a big bottle of Proseco

So now I pull out the leftover stuffing and grits from the other night. Screw Paul McKenna.

Anyway, I would pick the nerdy girl, the slutty girl, and Beyonce. Lemme Lemme Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade…

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