After learning the “The Secret”, a 42″ Plasma 1080p HDTV manifested for me and we threw a gator party. Rusty made really good chili with some bite. The Gators were victors and I’m not sure if it was my Secret or Tebow’s faith and being blessed, but I guess it’s all the same thing.

Then off to Jill’s housewarming party next door in the Olive Park luxury condos. It was fun and the building is amazing. Hot tub, suana, indoor pool, gym, underground valet parking, billiard room and even a pet spa. I dreamt of the day I could party over there once I peeked over the backyard fence and saw the amazing litted zen garden. It looked like a backyard patio of a fancy sushi restaurant with a japanese pond. Imagine my excitement when I found out a friend was moving in. Maybe that was part of the Secret. Well I’m glad I could help Jill manifest her amazing luxury condo. Now I need to work on my getting my yatch.

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