Walking around and looking for something good for lunch. There’s a lunch truck with a sign for tacos. My visions manifest like “The Secret.” Lately I’ve been dreaming about being rich and having new pants. Then I go to Uniqlo to try on some new pants and there was a $5 bill in the pocket! …paid for my tacos. Believe.

The Brothers L&C Latin Fast Food truck – 18th St @ 6th Ave. Manhattan, NY

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  1. TikiPundit

    You got it. Those look the same as the East Bay in CA. It’s //good// to see these taco vans proliferating all over the US. Street food is good food.

    Sadly, along the Southwest Border, they are very, very rare. But then, that’s because you can walk into any one of the 400 MEX restaurants in your town and get same.

    But it still ain’t street food.


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