after work i stop by jas mart with sam. he translates everything and helps me pick out the most kawaii food items for the most kawaii food blog post eva. that means puppy and panda heads in my ramen, fried fish nuggets with the tartar sauce inside, rice seasoning packs (furikake) with penguins holding teddy bears, and lil’ baked potato pound cake nugget. so kawaii! i now poop hello kittys.

Jas mart – 34 E 23rd St (btw 5th & Park Ave) NY 10010

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  1. chinolam

    Thanks. I want to say they are the same stuff that makes up fishballs, so i guess fish? Not positive. I should ask my Japanese friend. I got these at Jasmart, if you have those.

  2. chinolam

    @Veronica …dang so this is pingu pinga? I wondered what this was? I didn’t know if they made it up like Chef Boyardee


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