four co-workers, a bike messenger, and a foodblogger walk into an office and try to finish an extra keg of heineken. maybe not too smart to start so early on a big night of partying. dave and i try to sober up at the vietnamese restaurant under the bar i loved to karaoke at. a lot of food.

party time at rebecca & ross’ and then more dancing at robert’s penthouse. many treats and plenty of tricks. i came as batman from the suit i won at an art show auction. i was the only bid at $600 when the opening bid was five. yeah i was pretty drunk. when i took off the mask, i turned into a jonas brother. then i put on a giraffe tail i found under the couch and wore diana’s headband with a picture of a ghost. people thought i was casper the friendly ghost or ghost-head. no, i’m batman.

L’Annam – 121 University Pl (@ 13th St) NYC 10003

this is my batman costume. i didn’t go full force on halloween though. my thigh muscles have gotten too big.

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