office party. terron shows me how to eat munchies. you get one of each chip/cheeto/pretzel and eat all at once. it’s a party in my mouth. a mouthy party. darrens spinach dip is tasty. i discovered that if you take a salt and vinegar chip and dip it in darrens dip, it takes like the bk whaler. maffei’s pepperoni pizza reminds me of my elementary school rectangle pizza. now everyone remembers those rectangle pizzas. but were they really the same? like we both see blue, but maybe your blue is my orange. anyway my next big money business plan — open my restaurant of spinach dip bk whaler chips, honey butter chips, and rectangle school pizzas.

over to kenny’s castaway where we played the closing ceremonies for the imagine science film festival. had a lot of fun. i think rusty and i held it together even though i know we were partying hard beforehand.

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