christa & jody host a spaghetti dinner party in greenpoint. i created a musical in college called “spaghetti dinner spectacular”. there were songs about love, tragedy, murder, and garlic bread.

i go to the polish sausage shop across the street, not the one where you can get hot kielbasa. the young polish girls yell at me for taking pictures. they thought i came in there before who they yelled at then. i wasn’t upset at being yelled out, but was a little disappointed some other foodblogger beat me to the punch.

danny makes bloody marys. christa makes molinaro sauce. rusty and i grill meat on the veggie grill. jody makes a studio in the basement. it’s almost like my musical. spaghetti was great. thanks for the hospitaliano!

Staropolski Meat Market – 1053 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

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