anthony and i head to the fader room. a guy at the front recognizes me and my hair from the magazine five-years ago. how does anyone remember that? i can only imagine he has my picture up on his bedroom mural along with other teen hair idols …who wouldn’t?  great time here. they give us wristbands and tell us to keep it on until saturday if we want to get back in. it’ll start a new fashion trend?

good dumpling for some good buns, peking duck in steamed bun wraps, and bak choy to wash down the carbs. pretty darn good buns.

justice of the unicorns at the 205 club for open whiskey bar show. a potential for a lot of trouble. it’s so awesome to see all the friends that came out. made me really happy. makes me wish i could give more. more pork buns?

after ditching the groupies, rusty and i make a meal from a leftover can of chili. add some of that hot pickled peppers from the hot sauce bottle. turned our lips on fire and sobered us up from all that whiskey.

Good Dumpling House – (CLOSED) 214-216 Grand St, Chinatown NYC

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  1. Fooder

    The food looks soooo delicious! I can say it by looking the food, but also by looking the people enjoying the food. Spare some for me, would you? (-:


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