went to washington square park to pick up my badge. saw the dosa man. perfect. i now have a foodblog! i see a writer interviewing the dosa man. she asks him questions as if she has no clue who he is. doesn’t she read gothamist, seriouseats, or the internet?

head over to the red bull space at night to the only show that i’ve heard of the bands. ooh. i’ve always wanted to try the mooncake foods across the street. i get the shortribs. really good. tastes like chinese. with the green sauce they give me –tastes like mexican. i realize i don’t have my phone with me. very liberating. it’s like 2001 all over again. or maybe 1985? shit. maybe 1805.

Dosa Man – south side of Washington Sq. Park
Mooncake Foods28 Watts St (@ 6th Ave) New York 10013
Cheeseburger – i don’t think they are singing real words
Vivian Girls – where the tattoos?

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