i once came here with suzy q when i was wasted. i asked what the pots of stew were. the guy says tongue, ear, and stomache. i said i’ll take the tongue. he laughs and he says “no, it tongue.” i said “yeah, I’ll have that”. they all laugh. i have it with rice. the bill came to around $1.70. shit. in manhattan lower east side? i came back this time to get it with a fried ball with meat and another fried thing with meat. btw the tongue is pretty good. kind of like pulled pork tightly packed into a patty. no taste buds on it or anything. seriously not bad.

F. Restaurant (CLOSED) – on Clinton near Delancey in the LES, NYC (now closed)

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  1. Me So Hungry – FOOD BLOG! » Pure Luck – Vegan Food in L.A.

    […] I got the vegan BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich made with this jackfruit and I couldn’t believe it. It was a really good substitute. Looked liked pulled pork, although smothered in BBQ sauce and we were eating outside at night. But most importantly, it tasted almost like pork/carnitas …as much as it could for something that wasn’t and was a fruit! It fell apart quite similar to strands of pulled meat. I couldn’t believe it. I have a newfound respect for vegan food. I’m not a hater anymore …although I’m probably not going to be looking for a new vegan restaurant anytime soon. Just saying. I eat cow tongue. […]


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