went to the columbus day parade. where are the zeppoles? where are the mozzarepas? so i go down to columbus park in chinatown. its a party of people that look like my aunts and uncles. i’ve never seen a place where old people hang out, play chinese chess, and yell at each other. its pretty cool. i kinda wish my parents, aunts and uncles could come up and hang out with them.

got to explore chinatown and try new places. dolla dumplings from fried dumplings. tom yum soup from yee eng home cooking which the noodles are just ramen. but their wonton with hot sesame sauce is awesome. i added the fried dumpings to the soup and it made both better.

overall i think i did well blending in. (overall rating: buddhist delight)

Yee Eng Home Cooking – 105 Mosco St (btw Mott & Mulberry St) NYC 10013
Fried Dumpling -106 Mosco St (across the street from above) NYC 10013
Meat on Stick Cart – Forsyth and Division (underneath the Manhattan Bridge) New York

Columbus Park Senior Orchestra of NY Inc. (…like Kids Inc.?)

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