i see this guy walking around lately. he looks like a 6’3″ crackhead version of danzig. first time i saw him he was making out with an old mentally challenged lady on the street. he was hovering over her wheelchair and licking her lips. yeah made you not so hungry. i see him in walking in front of the new qdoba near my work. i almost thought i would be behind him in line while i use my free burrito coupon. but i guess danzig has a better place to eat.

i get the bbq pork signature burrito. when i ate it, i realized i never wanted bbq sauce on my burrito. then i noticed it tasted like pulled pork burrito which would be something i’d be interested to try. maybe my unconscious mind did the ordering for my conscious mind. its all psycho-cybernetics in play.

Qdoba – 12 W 23rd St (btw 5th & 6th Ave) NYC 10010 (rating: pork fried rice)

kana brings a bento box to work that she made with her MOTHER!

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  1. robby spartan

    That guy is Junkie the Barbarian! Did you see him on 23rd or near Union Square? AMAZING… he is a LEGEND!


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