daddy d’z bbq joynt for my bbq fix! so full. back again to the cemetery of course for the victorian festival to really show them off. i see a gramma and a little boy holding hands. when they got to the exit, the gramma told the little boy that she cant cross the threshold and has to say goodbye but he can always visit her at the cemetery. the boy hugs her, walks off …and he fades away. muhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaha!

i swore i saw a chick-fil-a at the airport coming in but cant find it. i see someone crossed it off on the map with a marker. so we run around with no luck. we settle for spicy chicken sandwich at checkers. i knew we were cutting it close. when we get back to the gate, the door is closed and no one is at the counter. we had to fly standby on the next flight. –all for the sake of foodbloggin. it was worth it.

Daddy D’z BBQ Joint – 264 Memorial Drive Atlanta, GA 30312
Oakland Cemetery – 248 Oakland Avenue, SE Atlanta, Georgia 30312

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  1. vegansarehorny

    it looks like russ has a floating lightsaber dick.

  2. chris

    The Chic-fil-a at the airport, if it is still there, is in concourse A. It is a combo burger king/chic-fil-a.


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