someone put funny signs up to the deserted half built condos next door. my blog is the new curbed?

for lunch i want to try place next to good dumpling but still cant figure out how to order. back to good dumpling. this time they give me a lot of food plus tasty seaweed soup. with steam pork bun still $4.25! still can only eat half. thank you paul mckenna? good dumpling dont understand when i order pork bun. then i say cha sui bao and then they know i was lying i didnt know chinese. busted! maybe i should use same method at place next door?

rusty makes cubed steak with gravy and rice. we finish the night making rap music.

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    […] got up and I was standing in a puddle. At the door were four fighters come to save the day. The construction building next door flooded their whole basement and it seeped into our building. Our neighbors closer to the building […]


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