on the road again for our boston show. jeff brings chili spiced dried mango, pickle and cookie. its all vegan, even pickle. taco bell stop has new volcano taco. red shell not spicy. quseo lava sauce spicy. the middle east has tasty middle east food. lamb shank falls off the bone and in my mouf. rusty looks like a chipmunk eating his falafel sandwich. down the street at 1369 coffee house i order the mexican hotch spicy cinnamon drink. burns my throat like i had thrownup, but tastes good.

back to the show with my old friends wild business. im so proud and impressed. this guy tyler makes music coming out of his gameboys. plays inxs never tear us apart. i thought he was donnie darko. tigers and monkeys was a lot of fun. i think i lost my voice. for justice of the unicorns we asked jeff in the crowd to jump on drums, but man behind him excitingly raised his hand and says he can drum! ..but then says except for the kick bass part. i thought he will play one song, but he kept going.

ryan buys us pizza next door. jeff braves through the night to drive us home. i wave my credit card in front of a coke machine and it buys shonali a coke. i didnt touch anything. it gives me some sneaky ideas –as long as i can carry around a coke machine and wave it behind people’s back pockets.

i woke up this morning and we were already blogged! thank you ryan’s smashing life for having us in boston. we had fun!

Middle East – 472 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139
1369 Coffee House – 757 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139
Hi-Fi Pizza & Subs – 496 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139

Szechwan Pork Reunion …photo by Ryan Spaulding

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