big battel at the yard! red hook soccer vendor make taco and head size enchilada (at least big as my big head). peelander-z rocks with mad tiger! kaiju rocks with cage match! at the yard i feel like junkyard dog.

anthony and susie take me thai on smith st. byob. i get pumpkin curry. i eat too much today. thai me up and call it day.

Kaiju Big Battel – wrestling but fake version of fake wrestling
The Yard – my friend chris bartending alongside taco vendor at gowanus canal
Peelander-Z – japanese ramones meet mighty morphin muffin ranger
Ghang Thai Kitchen – 204 Smith St (At Baltic St), Brooklyn 11201

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  1. MangerLaVille

    UGHHH…these look so good. I have heard so much about the tasty treats at Redhook soccer and baseball fields. I just go to go.


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