me and rusty go to rainy mccarren pool. langhorne is awesome. sounds like dirty leprechaun.

super felice bros sound/look like blues traveler make out with black lips. we see girl dancing with unicorn. new justice of the unicorns album cover? her mother drags her away when i take pix.

rusty wonders why people dodgeball. “why would you want to get hit by a ball on your day off?”

we go home and rusty makes spicy turkey popcorn wrap w/ special sauce.
– cock sauce, mustard, mayonaisse, pepper, adobo, lime juice, cilantro.
…sooo good. we use leftovers to make turkey popcorn pasta ….w/ cilantro of course.
we eat & watch the olympics. why every match is USA vs CHINA? because they so hungry?

Verdict: pasta w/ refreshing crispy crunch

bernie mac RIP. zzalgern0n has tribute. i dont get it.

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