congee is sister of congee village house. sam is not my sister. he orders conch. i order pork liver congee, juicy pork buns, sea cucumber. no more goose web! asshole. complimentary watermelon makes it up with me. how do you make seedless watermelon without seeds? its like jesus?

sea cumber taste like soft cartilage or hard gelatin. reminds me time at Kenka with bulls penis that taste like thick pasta with strawberry fruit rollup flavour.

Congee – 207 Bowery (at Rivington St), New York 10002

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  1. becky

    Oooh my friend Marilyn took me to Congee House when I visisted her last year, and it was so good! I made a batch once after getting back then forgot about it. Not you have me craving it!


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