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The Grand’s Cheeseburger – One of the best burgers!

This is seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. Perfect amount of saltiness and the cheese was like fondue. Fries were good too.

Cheeseburger $15 -short rib and brisket blend, aged white cheddar, caper mayo, sesame seed roll, handcut fries or field greens.

01 Cheeseburger and fries The Grand Brooklyn The Grands Cheeseburger   One of the best burgers!

The Grand Bar and Grill – 647 Grand St (btwn Manhattan Ave & Leonard) Brooklyn, NY 11211


Dar 525

I was wandering around for Christmas Eve and so many places were closed. I ended up at Dar 525 on Grand. They had a TV playing soccer and it was quite empty …but everywhere was empty.

I got the Kafta Kebab lunch special (ground lamb kebabs with Pita Bread, Green Salad, Rice, Humus And Babaghanouj $8). It was plenty of food and really good.

Dar 525 – 525 Grand St (btwn Union Ave & Lorimer St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Royal Cuisine’s BBQ Jerk Ribs @ Winter Smorgasburg

I checked out the indoor Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg Winter Market. I walked around and it looked like a lot of good food. I felt bad for the Royal Cuisine booth though. The guy working it looked so lonely. I decided to get three BBQ Jerk Ribs for $5. You can get one for $2.

The guy told me about the hot sauces they had in squirt bottles. One was sweet and the other spicy. I think they were made from scotch bonnet peppers. They were really good. The spicy one was awesome, but really frickin spicy.

The ribs were a little tough, but good flavor. I probably should have gotten one rib, so I had more room to try other stuff.


01 Royal Cuisine Winter Smorgasburg Royal Cuisines BBQ Jerk Ribs @ Winter Smorgasburg02 Royal Cuisine BBQ Jerk Ribs Winter Smorgasburg Royal Cuisines BBQ Jerk Ribs @ Winter Smorgasburg

An Adventurous Foodraiser for the Phillippines

Last week, Food Curated and Gastronauts threw a big fundraiser food party at the Woods in Williamsburg. It was a benefit for the Philippines. And I love Filipino food. Lots of good food from Filipino restaurants I’ve heard of and some I haven’t …but glad to know about.

The highlights for me:
Lechon Whole Roasted Pig Sandwiches from Engeline’s – pour some vinegar and a bottle of this Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce. I need to get me a bottle.

04 Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce An Adventurous Foodraiser for the Phillippines

Venison Adobo and Bone Marrow Fried Rice from Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Brunch – the line for this was worth it.

Flan from Salo (pop up dinners) – at this point, I was pretty drunk and was running my mouth with the girl who was serving this. I felt like I was talking to her about how much I loved going to my Filipino friend’s parent’s house, because they serve so much good food like Pancit noodles and Lumpia spring rolls (which I luckily got to eat at this fundraiser). I don’t think she was too annoyed by my rambling.

Magician Michael Chaut – There was a magician. He showed me some cool tricks like bending my quarter and then somehow making it disappear after I put it in my pocket …or maybe I was just dropping stuff all over the place.

I totally forgot to eat the Balut (the hard boiled egg with the premature fetus).

This is the rest of the stuff.


Special partners: The Woods Bar, Landhaus, Engeline’s Restaurant, Aint2Proud2Brunch, The Global Trip, Fresh Traveler, Butter & Scotch, La NewYorkina, Lumpia Shack, Maharlika, Jeepney, UmiNom, Kuma Inn, Liddabit Sweets.


Mother’s Burger, Fries and Beer Lunch Special $10

Mother’s has a good lunch special. Todd been telling me about it, because it seems like he has it three times a week. It’s a Pat LaFrieda burger or veggie burger with fries (regular or sweet potato) or salad and half pint of beer (which is small if you were wondering). But all this makes for a really good deal for $10. The burger alone any other time is $9 …and that doesn’t come with fries.

It’s tasty food. The burger is good. I really like the sweet potato fries and the spicy mayo sauce. It’s a good lunch special –served noon to 5pm everyday.

Mother’s – 347 Graham Ave (btwn Conselyea & Metropolitan) Brooklyn 11211

Fatty Cue’s Beef Brisket and Baos

I was looking for a place to kill time and watch some football a few Sundays ago. So I ducked into Fatty Cue in Brooklyn. I’ve never been there before. It looked a party, but I wasn’t quite sure. There was a lady handing out free fried spring roll-like dessert with honey. The music was loud. I only saw two small tables and a bar. The host tried to seat me at the bar, but so many seats were being saved. After a lot of back and forth, he got me a seat at the counter along the wall opposite of the bar.

I was really confused. I saw a lady smack a guy’s face super hard while they were walking out. People were dancing, making out, partying. I didn’t see anyone eating at the bar. In fact, it seemed like half of the people were employees. I waited a long time for service, but I think no one realized I was there to eat. So I went to the bar to order. Got the Beef Brisket with Baos. Pretty pricey at $24, but it turned out to be really good.

There was a really hot tall white girl at the bar making out with a really short Asian guy, who was dressed very hip hop/urban. I was like “Whoa, what does he have that I don’t have?” Then half way through my brisket, I realized he was a girl. I went from being super jealous to kinda turned on.

Oh, I asked a friend that’s been to Fatty Cue before. Apparently, there’s a dining room in the back. LOL. That makes a lot more sense!

Fatty Cue – 91 S 6th St (btwn Berry & Bedford) Brooklyn, NY 11249

Mulholland’s New Burger

Dang, I’ve never seen so many places closed on Thanksgiving. I thought at least more bars would be open. I just wanted something to eat, drink and watch football. Mulholland’s sports bar was open!

They had a new menu. The burger was even called “New Burger.” I was thinking how new can a burger be. I ordered it without cheese. Then ten seconds after, I thought to myself if I was going to kill myself today, I might as well get cheese. YOLO. So I went back to the bar and asked for cheese, but the bartender said she just put the order in the computer without. I was confused why it was so hard to add cheese after I ordered. So I thought, “oh well, I guess I won’t kill myself then …Not without cheese.”

Yeah, this new burger looked different. No lettuce and tomato. Just two greasy patties on a giant brioche bun. It was good. I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of. It was like a bigger version of what Wimpy (from Popeye) would eat? Then it hit me. It tastes like Krystal burgers. I liked it. Greasy!

Mulholland’s – 312 Grand St (btwn Roebling & Havemeyer St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Extra Fancy Brunch

Sam and I met up on Bedford Ave last week to try to catch Mike running the NYC Marathon. We never saw him though. I think I was too late. He was too fast.

So we went to get brunch and ended up at Extra Fancy.

They have 2 for 1 Bloody Mary’s ($10). The waitress forgot my straw at first and then brought over a straw inside of an empty glass. I was so confused what that was for. I thought maybe either she thought we were going to share it or it was my 2nd Bloody Mary? Sam explained that maybe it was so she didn’t have to touch the straw and it was more sanitary. That’s smart.

I remember a long time ago I dated a girl who offered me to try her drink and she freaked out when I touched her straw. She was like that’s gross. I thought it was weird because I was going to put my mouth on it. And plus I’ve stuck my fingers in her mouth before.

I got the Lobster Florentine ($17). It’s like Eggs Benedict but with lobster and spinach. Really good.

Extra Fancy – 302 Metropolitan Ave (@ Roebling) Brooklyn 11211